GRAYSSOKER is an atypical multi-instrumentalist mixing Accordion and Electronic Music.

After 10 years of Classical and Jazz studies, he opened to Rock and Electronic during his high school years.

He invented the Electric Accordion (accordion + effects pedals) which added a French Touch signature to his compositions evolving from Techno to Trap.

At only 20 years old, GRAYSSOKER has already been noticed by his media interventions (TF1, M6, France TV) and has quickly established himself alongside big international artists : Ibrahim Maalouf, Hilight Tribe, Gojira, Les Tambours du Bronx, Igorrr…

In 2018 begins the FUCK MUSETTE TOUR with more than 60 shows throughout Europe and Canada, with the ultimate HELLFEST 2019.

His name, GRAYSSOKER, from Grasshopper and Crossover, perfectly illustrates his Live performance : trance, energetic, intense, and especially very innovative.